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Octapharma Corporate Trainee Program

01. September 2015

Are you ready to make a difference?

At Octapharma, we save human lives every day. Would you like to work in a fast-growing international group that's on a mission to create truly life-saving medicines? Are you interested in traveling, developing your professional career, and learning from diverse cultures? Are you an ambitious, goal-oriented person who would thrive in a fast-paced global trainee program? If you nodded "yes" to the above, please send us your CV or resume.

The Octapharma Corporate Trainee Program is designed to successfully promote talented students to key positions to support this growth.

The chosen candidates will join a team of international trainees from around the world on an exciting 18-month-long challenge. During this period, you will have a unique opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use in a rewarding educational program that gives you exposure to all relevant parts of our company. Because the program is global in scope, it means that parts of the training will be held at our subsidiaries or production facilities abroad. However, the selected trainees will mainly be based at our local head offices.

From day one, we offer a permanent position and a unique opportunity for personal growth and development as well as a way to build your network within the group. Our program offers exciting and challenging opportunities and responsibilities that will make you have to stretch and develop to reach your potential. Our aim is that you can play a key role in the future development of our company – either locally or abroad. To support you along the way, you will be assigned a mentor from our team of managers.

We are looking for talented individuals who have recently graduated from the university and who have the capacity, drive and confidence to be potential key players in Octapharma. The ideal candidate should have a high capacity, be open to new experiences, flexible enough to cope with a changing work environment and yet structured enough to work independently. Good networking skills and a positive attitude will help you to succeed throughout the many exciting challenges that come with this program.

The program is divided into two focus areas: Production & Engineering, and Finance & Marketing.

Production & Engineering
Combined with a general overview of our company, this program offers in-depth training and hands-on experience in all aspects of protein-based pharmaceutical production. In this program, you will primarily work at our production departments; Pharmaceutical Production and Biopharmaceutical Production. You will also work at the production-related departments such as Operational Support, our Technical Engineering Unit and the Quality Unit.

Finance & Marketing
The Finance & Marketing program offers a general introduction of our company, including an overview of our production facilities and methods. However, the main focus here will be in-depth training in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, and Sales & Marketing, and IT. You will work locally, as well as internationally, spending time in corporate functions of your focus areas.

Candidates for the Production & Engineering Program should have a Degree of Master of Science (M Sc) in Engineering with a major in chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, mechanics, supply chain & logistics or an equivalent subject.

Candidates for the Finance & Marketing Program should either have a Degree of Bachelor of Science (B Sc) or Master of Science (M Sc) in Business Administration & Economics with a major in finance, marketing, accounting, logistics or a similar discipline.

Since the program is international, you need advanced language skills: fluency in English as well as the local language: French, German or Swedish. A third language is also required: French or German. For our candidates to the Finance & Marketing program, additional language skills in Spanish or Russian are beneficial.

Please apply by submitting:                    1. Your CV

                                                                 2. A motivational letter

3. A copy of your school grades and degree certificates

Candidate selection begins early 2016.

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