Managing SID in hematological malignancies: how can we reduce the infe



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Octapharma is supporting #EHA25Virtual Congress to keep the scientific community up to date on treating patients with secondary immunodeficiencies associated with hematological malignancies.

Managing SID in hematological malignancies: How can we reduce the infection burden?

The Octapharma sponsored Update-In-Hematology delivers the latest advances in the management of infections in patients with hematological malignancies and SID.

Infections remain a major cause of morbidity and mortality in hematological malignancies. Secondary Immunodeficiency (SID) is an important risk factor and is common in CLL, MM or after CAR T therapy. Watch the presentations to learn more about it.

New recommendations for the use of IgG therapy in patients with hematological malignancies and SID

Significant variations remain across European countries in the assessment and approaches aiming to achieve reduction in infection burden. Expert-panel consensus-based recommendations on how to diagnose, treat and follow-up patients with antibody deficiency associated with hematological malignancies have been developed and are presented for the first time during this session.

These new recommendations were also submitted in an abstract (open access).

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"Secondary immunodeficiencies have been a major concern in hematological malignancies. We need to remain very careful with the risk of infection.", says Dr. Anne Quinquenel (Reims, France).