41st International Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine

Management of bleeding due to major trauma or surgery poses complex challenges, especially so with blood and blood products in short supply due to COVID-19. Coagulation factor concentrates and point-of-care guided bleeding management can play an essential role in delivering optimal patient outcomes, as they offer a more targeted approach and help to optimise haemostatic therapy.

The Octapharma ISICEM Symposium “How much is required? - Current guidance on individualized bleeding management in trauma, and in surgery in the ICU”, explores the challenges of treatment and discuss current best practice in individualised bleeding management.  This meeting is chaired by Professor Jacques Duranteau, France, and features a panel discussion with leading experts in the field.

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Symposium programme

Wednesday 22th of March 12:30 - 13:30 h CET



Welcome and introduction

Prof. Dr. Jacques Duranteau (Paris, France)

Therapeutic approach of trauma induced coagulopathy: remaining gaps

Prof. Dr. Nicole Juffermans (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Specific and non-specific strategies in DOAC reversal

Prof. Dr. Oliver Grottke (Aachen, Germany)

Targeting microcirculation and coagulation in critical illness

Prof. Dr. Sascha David (Zurich, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Jacques Duranteau - Chairman

Chair of the department of anesthesia and intensive care, Bicêtre Hospital, France

Prof. Dr. Nicole Juffermans

Department of Intensive Care Medicine, OLVG Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Oliver Grottke

Consultant Anaesthesiologist at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive care Medicine, Germany

Prof. Dr. Sascha David

Head of the Institute for Intensive Care Medicine at Zurich University Hospital, Switzerland

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