ISTH 2023

Under the Spotlight Symposium

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Bringing Together Two Worlds - Scientific and Clinical Insights for All-Round Bleed Protection in Haemophilia A

Tuesday, June 27, 2023
1:15 - 2:30 pm ET
Room: 511

Join Davide Matino, Craig Kessler, Viola Vogel, Robert Klamroth, Yesim Dargaud, Guy Young and Paul Batty to hear the latest scientific and clinical insights into the management of haemophilia A.

Octapharma’s symposium on haemophilia A this year is dedicated to both scientists and clinicians. The speakers present data from the NuPreviq trial and the matching adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC) analyses of Nuwiq® vs extended half-life (EHL) products as well as introduce the PROVE study. We also discuss the impact of prophylaxis on microRNA expression (biomarkers of joint and bone health) and how to utilise the power of RNASeq to understand inhibitor development.

The symposium is open to congress participants in Montréal, and will be live-streamed for participants attending virtually.

Symposium programme



Welcome and Introduction

Chair: Davide Matino, CA

Indirect Comparisons of FVIII and Non-Factor Therapies: What, How and Why?

Craig Kessler, US

Binding of FVIII to Platelets and Implications for the Treatmentof Haemophilia A

Viola Vogel, CH

Investigating the Long-Term Effect of FVIII and Emicizumabon Bone and Joint Health - The PROVE Study

Robert Klamroth, DE

Impact of Prophylaxis on MicroRNA Expression:Biomarkers of Joint and Bone Health

Yesim Dargaud, FR

Making Informed Treatment Decisions in PUPs

Guy Young, US

Utilising the Power of RNASeq to Understand Inhibitor Development

Paul Batty, UK

Q&A and Concluding Remarks

Speakers and Audience

This promotional symposium is part of the Under the Spotlight series by Octapharma and is for healthcare professionals only. Product information about wilate® (von Willebrand Factor/Coagulation Factor VIII Complex [Human]) will be discussed.

Meet the Speakers

Chair: Davide Matino


Craig Kessler


Viola Voger


Robert Klamroth


Yesim Dargaud


Guy Young


Paul Batty


Join live on One Source

In case you cannot join us in person for the ISTH congress in Montréal, we invite you to watch our symposium live on One Source, Octapharma's online platform.

The event is for healthcare professional only.