Annual Reports

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of Octapharma, explaining who we are and what we do, as well as highlighting our progress against our strategic priorities and financial results.

Annual Report 2019

From generation to generation

Octapharma has worked for a healthier world since 1983. Every day, we strive to help thousands of patients of all ages, on every continent, believing that together we can invest in a better future for generations to come.

In 2019, we continued to drive growth in many of our products, received important regulatory approvals, made advances in our clinical studies and further strengthened our patient-oriented corporate culture.

Our more than 9,300 employees are unified by our vision – to provide new health solutions advancing human life. We thrive as an organisation in which people take ownership, have integrity, demonstrate grounded and confident leadership, drive sustainability, and are inspired by and eager to embrace entrepreneurship. Our values are in our blood.

Continuing our impact for patients

“In 2019, we continued to invest significantly in R&D to fund the discovery and development of new life-changing treatments. We work today on what our patients need tomorrow.”

Wolfgang Marguerre
Chairman and CEO, Octapharma Group

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Investing into our future prosperity

“Our significant investments in research and infrastructure strongly position the company to fulfil the future needs of even more healthcare professionals and patients around the world.”

Roger Mächler
Chief Financial Officer

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In this year’s Annual Report, we speak to patients whose lives are being impacted by our products.

The stories of young Sebaga from Botswana, Arne from Germany, and Nicholas and Laurel from the USA are incredibly inspiring for everyone at Octapharma.

They remind us of the tremendous impact that we have on many thousands of patients all around the world and our ability to deliver treatments in all three of our therapeutic areas – haematology, immunotherapy and critical care.

Surviving the unknown

In the past, Sebaga had severe recurrent bleeds, with some being life-threatening. “Today life has become much better as we know what we are dealing with” says Nelly, her mother.

A passion for living

“My goal is to get them outside and show them that haemophilia doesn’t limit them but that they can limit haemophilia,” says Nicholas, who doesn’t allow his disease to control his life.

Why worry?

“Stick to your medication plan and keep your antibody level high. There are definitely more ‘annoying’ diseases than these,” says Arne, who considers his life normal despite his condition.

Always on the go

“I will not let PI steal my life; I am not my diagnosis.” Although Laurel was diagnosed with CVID, she is an example of courage and determination. Today, she advocates for education about PIDDs.

Download the Octapharma Annual Reports in English, French, German and Spanish, which also contain our complete audited financial statements.