New ‘IgCares’ app helps patients safely manage PI

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Octapharma USA has launched the IgCares mobile app (only available for US citizens), an innovative e-health solution, as part of a program that helps patients and their caregivers safely manage primary immunodeficiency (PI).

The IgCares Patient Support Program provides a comprehensive suite of educational and treatment resources, tools, and services for PI patients and their caregivers. It also contributes to the PI community through a charitable giving initiative.

The newly launched IgCares mobile app allows adults with PI to access the program at anytime from anywhere, and includes a range of treatment management tools. It is included in their IgCares membership, which is free of charge and open to any adult in the US who would like to join. Learn more at

Recording infusion data and managing treatment

Treatment regimens for people living with immune deficiency disorders involve life-long scheduling of intravenous or subcutaneous immunoglobulin infusions to replace missing or defective antibodies. Given these busy treatment timetables, it’s no wonder that patients sometimes miss infusions or doctors’ appointments.

“Things like that happen”, says Eric Marrero, Brand Communications & Social Media Manager. When patients miss their infusions, their immunoglobulinG levels can decrease, which puts them at increased risk of infections and illness. “To prevent this, the app allows patients to set up reminders for scheduled infusions and prescription refills – and highlights both completed and missed treatments. It helps keep everyone and everything on track,” he adds.

The IgCares mobile app also allows patients to track details of their treatment regimen, record infusion details including the duration of an infusion or the number of grams of immunoglobulin used. It helps patients and caregivers track data on associated side effects during an infusion, or other related health attributes – all of it as real-time data. “All the details from the vials used for infusions can easily be recorded via the app’s scanner,” explains Eric.

In addition, patients or caregivers can quickly share all their information with their treating physicians to help ensure the best health outcomes.

New platforms with patient-centric design

To develop the app, the US team collected insights from adult PI patients and caregivers. “Patient engagement was really important in shaping the functionality of the app, and I think this is really evident in the final version”, says Rich Walters, SVP Commercial Development.

“At Octapharma USA, our vision is to reimagine how we can provide new platforms for patient support,” Rich explains. “We believe that this app will have an immediate, positive impact on the PI community, and provide support to those living with these rare diseases and those who manage and care for them.”

Eric Pluckhorn, Product Director of Immunology, adds: “The IgCares mobile app is a great use of e-health technologies to support our existing product portfolio, and great news for our patients.”


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