Octapharma Italy launches WiCare, home care for patients with von Willebrand disease

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Octapharma Italy has partnered with Domedica, a company with experience in integrated healthcare, to develop the WiCare program to provide home support to patients suffering from von Willebrand disease (vWD) including many who have difficulty accessing healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program, which was launched in Italy shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, aims to help VWD patients use Octapharma coagulation factors concentrates which they need to their illness. It includes home-based training on self-administration by a specialised nursing. It also offers a dedicated toll-free phone number, which doctors and VWD patients can use to access information.

Within only a few weeks of the launch of the WiCare program, it has received positive feedback from both doctors and patients. “We are fully committed, now more than ever, to support patients’ needs”, says Alberto Mancin, Octapharma Italy General Manager . “Italy has been severely affected by the virus and acting to help was the only option. By launching WiCare, we can also make an essential contribution to the national healthcare system by easing the workload of treatment centres.”

For more information please contact Octapharma Italy.


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