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Annual Report 2022

Octapharma Plasma

  • Over 85% of the plasma to manufacture Octapharma products is sourced from company-owned donation centres.

  • There are more than 170 Octapharma Plasma (OPI) donation centres in the USA.

  • 165,000 donors donate plasma at our OPI donation centres each month.

In 2007, Octapharma Plasma Inc. (OPI) was founded in the US to operate our own plasma donation centers. In 2022, OPI relaunched its brand to make it more easily recognisable and to clearly differentiate it from its competitors.

“The rebrand has been comprehensive and touches every donor touchpoint,” says Tom Hewitt, Senior Director for Marketing & Donor Relations at OPI. “Over 165 donor centre interiors were rebranded, as well as the OPI website, our social media channels, donor communications and advertising."

The new OPI brand has a very different look and feel. It uses lifestyle imagery that is designed to resonate with donors. “We bring relationships, emotions and impact to the forefront, and we have introduced distinctive graphical elements and designs that will unmistakably identify OPI,” says Bre Byrne, Director of Brand Strategy and Donor Experience at OPI.

OPI messaging has also significantly changed, focusing more on the outcomes of donating plasma. It explores the impact on patients benefiting from plasma-based therapies and how donors can use the supplemental income from plasma donations to improve the lives of their families, friends and communities.

“Compared with the ‘transactional’ messaging that dominates our industry, our new messaging is quite unique and more fully reflects the significance of donating and the incredible impact it has on donors’ own lives as well as those of our patients,” says Tom.

Although the rebrand has only been in the market a few months, early donor and employee responses are very positive. Engagement with OPI’s new advertising has nearly doubled, and feedback on the remodelled centres has been extraordinary. The new brand is now more closely aligned to the founding Octapharma mission and is a source of pride for employees and donors alike.

Octapharma Plasma

Octapharma Plasma collects, tests and supplies human blood plasma for manufacture into life-saving therapies. Learn more about donating plasma in the USA.