Stepping up: Making the most of opportunities at Octapharma

Lachen, Switzerland
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What’s the best way to continue to develop and learn? For Ludovic Jouanolou, Head of Quality Assurance, Systems & Qualified Person at Octapharma Lingolsheim, the main thing is to maintain curiosity and a desire to learn throughout your career. “Don’t just focus on your own area; keep your mind open to different influences around you and keep asking questions to increase your knowledge. In my case, that’s how I’ve gone from being a production trainee to Head of Quality Assurance, Systems.”

In at the deep end

Ludovic began his career with Octapharma as a trainee at the production site in Lingolsheim in May 2012. “That role allowed me to explore various local departments, production plants and commercial units,” says Ludovic.

After his traineeship, Ludovic became a Visual Inspection Manager, which was his first management role. "Guiding my team through a transition to other plants as part of a delocalisation process was a significant challenge," he recalls. As the delocalisation progressed, he was promoted to be Head of the Post Filling Department in 2014, managing both production and quality activities. "Quality Assurance was new to me, but I learned on the job. It was rewarding and I still use what I learned in that position every day."

It was this role which cemented his decision to shift from production to quality. With HR's support, in 2016 Ludovic became a Quality Representative. Later, after a department reorganisation, he was promoted to Quality in Operations Bulk Production Manager before becoming Quality in Operations Production Manager in 2019, and then Head of Quality in Operations in 2021.

“Most recently, in July 2023, I became Head of Quality Assurance, Systems, and also a Qualified Person,” he adds.

There is perhaps no more effective way to develop than through on-the-job learning of a new task, skill or role. “I can personally say that I’ve learned most from just diving in and doing,” says Ludovic. “It really is the best way to learn. You get so much more from living and breathing a role than trying to understand it from the outside, and you also get to work with a new team and build your soft skills. It is an invaluable experience for anybody,” he adds.

“My key advice for career development is to be humble and always strive for improvement. Take the time to develop your skills and demonstrate what an invaluable team member you are. Listen, learn and then act."

Ludovic Jouanolou
Head of Quality Assurance, Systems & Qualified Person at Octapharma Lingolsheim

Reach out and make the best of available opportunities

It’s important to recognise that your learning and development needs will change as you go through your career.

While at first you may predominantly focus on becoming a subject expert in your field, as you progress through your career, you will also start to master ‘soft skills’ (such as interpersonal and communication skills) and ultimately, leadership and management skills. Octapharma is well equipped to support you at every stage of your career and development.

Support from HR and from Learning & Development Programs

Ludovic is happy to acknowledge that HR and Octapharma’s Learning & Development programs have been instrumental in supporting his career. “Besides the trainee program, I have also benefited from the Talent Pool Program and a Management Training Program which enhanced my management skills and helped identify my strengths and areas for development,” he explains.

Last year, Ludovic participated in the Development Center program, which provided valuable insights into his skills and areas for growth, preparing him to lead the Quality Assurance, Systems teams effectively.

“Octapharma offers excellent training and career opportunities for those willing to invest in their own development,” explains Ludovic. “Employees can actively shape their career paths. By understanding what these different opportunities can contribute and how they can add value, individuals can influence how their own job evolves,” he adds.