Octapharma USA Grant Supports Mission of First Hemophiliac to Climb the Seven Summits of the World

hoboken, New Jersey
Press release

Octapharma USA has provided a grant to support the final leg of the inspirational journey of Chris Bombardier, who hopes to become the first person with severe Hemophilia to climb the Seven Summits of the world. In December, Bombardier will begin a climb of Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica at 16,050 feet (4,892 meters) and his sole remaining challenge among the coveted summits.

Earlier this year, Octapharma USA sponsored the Denver, Colorado native’s trek up Mount Everest, the historic mountain in Nepal. The Octapharma partnership with the mountain climber also includes sponsorship of Bombardier Blood, a documentary film scheduled for release in 2018 that will tell his inspirational story.

“It's incredible to have Octapharma as a partner on this climb as well,” said Bombardier, who will leave for Chile in late December to meet with his climbing team before heading to Antarctica. “This will be my last climb in my attempt to summit the highest mountains on each of the seven continents better known as the Seven Summits. I will not only be the first person with Hemophilia to climb this peak, but also the first person with Hemophilia to climb the Seven Summits, something that only around 450 people have ever completed.”

Octapharma USA President Flemming Nielsen said the company’s support for Bombardier and the documentary ties into its goal of creatively demonstrating that bleeding disorders patients, although they are coping with serious illness, can often live life without limits.

“We look to inspire patients and enhance their quality of life in many ways,” said Nielsen. “We really believe it is important for families and patients to understand they can have a good quality of life while managing their bleeding disorder. We are determined to help patients live life to the fullest be it through cutting-edge therapies, support programs or educational initiatives such as the partnership with Chris.”

Production for Bombardier Blood will continue throughout the winter and Bombardier’s climb of Mount Vinson, according to Believe Limited CEO Patrick James Lynch, the documentary’s director and a filmmaker with severe Hemophilia.


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