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Patient stories
Ida Norberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Success at our manufacturing sites depends not only on high quality standards, precision and professional skills, but also on the connection colleagues feel to our company’s vision of providing new health solutions that advance human life. “Almost every day is different. The ability to work in a team, solve complex challenges and strive for life changing impact is what drives me day in and day out,” says Ida Norberg, process engineer at the human cell line recombinant human factor VIII (Hcl-rhFVIII) manufacturing site in Stockholm. “It’s rewarding to hear from patients about how our medicine helps them and invigorates their outlook on life.”

Ida joined Octapharma in 2013. “In my team, we work on the first steps of human cell line recombinant human factor VIII (Hcl-rhFVIII) production, the cell cultivation. This means cells are grown to produce FVIII,” Ida explains.

In her spare time, Ida loves to go trail running. “Trail running is about spirit and strength. I like the endurance you develop while doing it. It’s something that I cultivate at work as well. I am always learning.”

Brandon, Chicago, USA

Brandon was born and raised in Chicago. Aged five, he was diagnosed with a brain bleed and fell into a coma. He recovered to become an optimistic 30-year-old who loves to explore new cultures and cuisines but, above all, loves automobiles. “I love cars! All kinds of cars. If it has a motor and I can go fast in it, then I like it!”

Over the years, Brandon has learned a lot about his haemophilia. His positive mindset gave him the courage to fight against it. “But I felt I would never be able to break away from three-times-week dosing until an old friend of mine from a haemophilia camp told me about human cell line recombinant human factor VIII (Hcl-rhFVIII).”

Brandon now takes our simoctocog alpha product: “It not only helped me get control over my bleeds, but I was soon able to switch to twice-weekly dosing and maintain protection. For a haemophiliac, that’s huge – it equates to 52 fewer infusions a year. I feel very hopeful for the way my treatment is progressing.”


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