Human Fibrinogen Concentrate

Fibryga® is a highly purified and pathogen inactivated human fibrinogen concentrate and an effective and convenient treatment for fibrinogen deficiency.

Fibryga® offers a number of benefits: concentration is standardised; it is stable at room temperature, can be reconstituted within minutes, and has a low infusion volume; there is no need for thawing or cross-matching blood type and it is double pathogen inactivated.

  • Treatment of bleeding and perioperative prophylaxis in patients with congenital hypo or afibrinogenaemia with bleeding tendency.1-3

  • Complementary therapy in the treatment of uncontrolled severe haemorrhage in patients with acquired fibrinogen deficiency.4


Fibryga® is presented in vials containing 1 g of fibrinogen as lyophilised powder for reconstitution with 50 mL sterile water for injection (WFI).1

After reconstitution, the solution provides approximately 20 mg/mL of human fibrinogen.

For intravenous administration via infusion or injection.

Do not store above 25 °C. Do not freeze. Keep the bottle in the outer carton to protect from light. The shelf life is two years at room temperature.


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Instructions for the reconstitution of fibryga®

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