The International Early Career Program

The International Early Career Program is a 2-year program for high-potential career starters who are willing to aim for a fast-track development and build a career within Octapharma as a people leader or a business professional. The program is tied to junior positions across the different functions at Octapharma, such as Plasma Supply, Manufacturing Operations, Corporate, Sales & Marketing and R&D.

The program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Octapharma while meeting your own career aspirations. You get to know our main manufacturing sites and functions, develop important skills and expand your perspective by participating in international projects and rotations.

The program is run every two years, with the next cohort taking place in October 2024 - September 2026.

Build your career at Octapharma

Build comprehensive understanding of the business and career possibilities by getting to know the main manufacturing sites and functions at Octapharma.

Get international experience

Expand your perspective by participating in international projects and at least two international missions.

Develop skills and competences

A mentor guides you through the program and supports you in your personal and professional development.

Applicant's criteria

  • Recent university graduate

  • Max. 3 years of working experience (excl. internships)

  • Professional personality and a flexible team player

  • Curious and willing to grow in a people leader or a business professional role

  • Willing to move internationally for work assignments within the Octapharma group

  • Fluency in English - additional languages are a plus

Program journey

“For me, the biggest highlight has been meeting all the great people working in different departments and sites at Octapharma. I am really impressed by the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the company. The connections I have made have already proven to be useful for my tasks, and I hope to be able to return the favour to other colleagues in my future roles."

Maja Warlin

"The learning opportunities at Octapharma have helped me both in my professional and personal development. Continuous education, such as training sessions, workshops and projects have enabled me to learn a plethora of new hard and soft skills."

Maiko Blaukopf

"I really enjoyed the rotations to other departments during my program. Gaining insights into other departments can be a truly enlightening experience. Each rotation exposes you to different perspectives and the unique challenges that our colleagues across the company face. They provide an opportunity to build a strong network within the company."

Fabian Grasser