Octapharma Hybrid Update-in-Hematology

Multiple Myeloma and Beyond: Management of the Infection Burden

Friday, June 14, 2024
16:15 - 17:45 CEST
Hall N103 | IFEMA, Madrid

In recent years, survival rates for patients with multiple myeloma have improved. However, the clinical setting varies greatly among patients, and infections remain a significant concern. The session will begin with an introduction and a discussion on the risk of infections in multiple myeloma patients, considering the disease itself, the treatments administered, and the supportive care provided.

The use of bispecific antibodies and CAR T cells in the treatment of multiple myeloma has shown promise. However, these treatments come with their own risks, including the risk of infection. This topic will be explored in depth, providing valuable insights into managing these risks.

Strategies to minimize infections in multiple myeloma patients will be discussed next, providing recommendations and guidelines, as well as sharing perspectives on the future of infection management. This will be followed by a presentation on clinical data related to the use of intravenous or subcutaneous immunoglobulins in multiple myeloma patients.

The session will conclude with an interactive panel discussion involving all faculty members, where they will discuss challenging cases of infections associated with multiple myeloma. This will provide an opportunity for the audience to engage in the discussion. Questions from the audience will be answered at the end of the session.

Symposium programme



Welcome and Introduction

Roman Hájek (Ostrava, Czechia)

Identifying the Risk of Infections in Multiple Myeloma – Impact of Disease, Treatment and Supportive Care

Roman Hájek (Ostrava, Czechia)

Bispecific Antibodies and CAR T Cells – Handling the Infection Risk Related to their Use

Ajai Chari (San Francisco, USA)

Reducing Infections – Recommendations, Guidelines and Perspectives

Roberto Ria (Bari, Italy)

Clinical Data on the Use of Intravenous or Subcutaneous Immunoglobulins

Luc Mouthon (Paris, France)

Interactive Panel Discussion: Challenging Cases Involving Infections Associated with Multiple Myeloma

All Faculty

Closing Remarks

Roman Hájek (Ostrava, Czechia)

This scientific information may include data/information on investigational uses of compounds/drugs that have not yet been approved by regulatory authorities. This program was developed for use outside the U.S., is intended for non-U.S. HCPs, and is to be used in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Meet the speakers

Roman Hájek

University Hospital Ostrava and University of Ostrava
Ostrava, Czechia

Ajai Chari

University of California
San Francisco, USA

Roberto Ria

University of Bari
Bari, Italy

Luc Mouthon

University Hospital Cochin
Paris, France

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