Creating a positive impact is what Octapharma is all about

Our employees
Annual Report 2019

Our goal at Octapharma is to build an agile organisation that cherishes and celebrates each individual in order to produce a lasting, positive impact – on our patients and our donors, on healthcare professionals, on the wider community, on our fellow employees and, ultimately, on the business itself.

Claremont Moyo, Divisional Director of Operations, Octapharma Plasma, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


As a Divisional Director of Operations, I work through the Regional Directors to ensure that donation centre compliance and performance objectives are met. My team is responsible for delivering a better donor experience. We set ambitious goals and, to live up to them, we take ownership for our actions.

Within my team, I aspire to create a culture in which everyone feels inspired and empowered. I believe that when a high level of ownership is present in our team, it shows that you can be trusted to do the right thing, even when you’re not being watched.

Amanda Keller, Manager of Automated Systems Support, Genesys team, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


As the Manager of Automated Systems Support responsible for leading initiatives to improve the efficiency of centre systems, sustainability for me means remaining relevant at all times. I operate with the understanding that the only constant is change.

The key premise is thinking out of the box and looking at the big picture in order to anticipate future challenges and being more proactive instead of reactive. It does not mean getting things done, no matter what – it means staying efficient and effective.

Patrick McFall, Human Resources Recruiter, Corporate Office, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Leadership means putting your faith in someone. I believe we can only reach our full potential if we can create safe and stimulating work environments.

That means that leaders should empower their teams to progress beyond where they thought they could originally take themselves – which, at the same time, also helps to encourage leaders to develop themselves. When done effectively and successfully, everyone wins and improves while accomplishing a shared goal.

Anna Rowe, Senior Automated Systems Analyst, Genesys team, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


To me, the value of integrity means balancing your personal morals and work ethic with truthfulness and accuracy. Integrity is evident when opening a new donation centre because all the information that is entered into our systems is expected to be accurate right from the start.

It all has a ripple effect and if my part of a centre set-up is inaccurate, anything that stems from it has the potential to be inaccurate as well. Knowing that my part in the process affects others doing theirs – and that they are trusting that my information is correct – keeps me motivated to double-check entries and verify that a centre set-up is 100% right.

Joel Arnold, Regional Director of Operations, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


The way we interact with each other and feel connected to the vision of Octapharma will determine our business success. Therefore, as a Regional Director, I focus on hiring and developing the right people to set a culture of growth, development and compliance, but also a culture in which we can be our best selves – personally and professionally – and help make Octapharma a great place to work.

For me, entrepreneurship means that I hold myself and my team 100% accountable for hitting our goals and inspiring every employee with our vision for growth and success.

Reaching new donors

Plasma is central to our business, with 80% of our supplies coming from company owned donation centres. Each plasma donation session takes between 45 and 90 minutes and between 300 and 880ml of plasma is taken.

Annual report