Sustainability is essential to create an inclusive work environment

Our employees

Sustainability has been a personal value of mine throughout my entire life. Since the age of 15, when I first arrived in a foreign country, I have learned to make decisions with a long-term perspective in mind.

This approach is a vital component for achieving success in my daily work. For example, it is essential, for me, to create an inclusive work environment. Only in an inclusive environment, where all colleagues feel empowered and understand their roles, can everyone be their best self and fully thrive, and thus contribute to deliver high-quality products to our patients all around the world.

To me, sustainability is defined and achieved by the kind of clear-focus, long-term dedication and high level of competence required to provide a constant supply of top-quality products, now and in the future.

Parivash Gunnerfält
Head of Quality Unit
Stockholm, Sweden


Annual report