Industrial collaboration

Octapharma supports industrial customers worldwide.

For more than 10 years, Octapharma has been supporting industrial customers worldwide. We offer regulatory, technical and quality assistance with pharmaceutical grade quality products (USP, EP, FDA, EMA, GMP).

Our focus segments include gene and cell therapy, T-cell therapy, stem cell therapy, vaccines, in vitro fertilization, drug formulation (including Botulinum toxin), drug carrier, medical imaging and chemical manufacturing.

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Product portfolio for industrial customers

Human Serum Albumin

Human Albumin is widely used as an excipient in drug formulation, as a component of cell culture media, for drug delivery, cryopreservation of cells, vaccine manufacturing, or coating of medical devices.

Virus Inactivated Plasma

Both in industry and in research, human plasma is used as a supplement to cell culture media and as a component of bioassays, immunoassays or enzyme assays.

Human Antithrombin III Concentrate

In order to minimize thrombogenicity, antithrombin III is used as an additive in the production of protein solutions such as prothrombin complex concentrates due to its anticoagulant properties.

Human Fibrinogen Concentrate

Fibrinogen has various applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing. It can be used as a coating on medical devices, and in wound healing.


Immunoglobulin is an established remedy for antibody deficiencies and several autoimmune diseases.